Health through Movement - the Dancing People way

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Now available in Mazatlán, Mexico, a new type of physical conditioning! Functional training from an artful perspective. For people of any age, ability, or physical condition.

It’s common, over time, for our physical capacity to diminish, but as we move less we allow our wellbeing to suffer. Fortunately, it’s never too late to rediscover your body, to regain the health and joy of movement you are meant to have. Robin’s one-on-one movement sessions will get you there.

Working in the comfort of your home, there is no need to feel hesitant or uncomfortable as you expand your abilities. Robin will help you define/clarify your goals, and then she will design the individualized movement program to help you achieve them. She is a master at creating an atmosphere of trust and focused fun. Material includes exercises for breath, flexibility, coordination, ease of motion, strengthening for balance and posture, imagination, and anything else you want to address.

Robin’s experience comes from over 40 years as a professional dancer, which includes training in dance techniques, basic anatomy, and somatic modalities (meaning techniques that focus on your inner perception/awareness of your body, rather than the outer “picture”). She will help you use both your mind and body in a complete fitness experience. She continues to learn about movement through her own aging process, gaining a personal understanding of how to maintain and regain movement ability. So if you’re a bit older and want to move with more freedom, or a bit younger and looking for peak fitness with an artful approach, Robin can help.

First session is free! Each session is one hour long.

  • Once a week - 400
  • Twice a week - 750
  • Three a week – 1000
  • 12 session card – 3600 (Card is paid in advance, nonrefundable)

 Prices in pesos

Group classes are also available, contact Robin to discuss it. or 669-253-6508